Well today my 1993 weber "Genesis" serial number L1-150146 is being retired, not that it needs to be but a work colleague is repatriating back to the USA and sold me his much newer 10 year old Weber Silver Summit.

After three continents, 6 countries, 7 international shipments we will let our Weber go. It has had the wooden side board replaced by my gardener who hand carved boards in Indonesia. I've had two sets of flavorizer bars hand crafted from sheet metal from small metal working shops in both Nigeria and again in Ghana. I've managed to source replacement grills when we would come back to Canada on home leave. But what I find incredible is this BBQ still operates on the original burners tubes that it came with NO evidence of corrosion. From the steamy jungles of Sumatra Indonesia to grilling in minus 20 degrees Celsius in Calgary, Canada, from propane to unknown bottle gas compositions ( high butane and condensate content) in Africa the burner assemblies and tubes have not wavered in providing consistent heat.

I have a much newer Genesis with a side burner that we enjoy for when we are back in Canada. But while we have been on assignment our old weber has been the workhorse.

Thanks Weber... A " longtime" satisfied customer... Scot B