Had the opportunity to cook on a Weber gas grill in 1998. Even heat, dramatically better results than anything else on the market; I was a changed man. Bought a Silver C the next year and still use it on average twice a week, and almost every day during the summer. I rescued a 1998 gas unit and now just purchased a Performer Platinum.

PUNCH LINE: After a hard winter, I always do a spring cleaning on my Silver C. On three separate occasions, after cleaning, I have been complimented on my "new" gas grill, funny as the grill sits outside uncovered a good part of the winter (covers tend to hold in moisture and promote rust).

Punch line 2: I know entirely too many people that told me $500 was too much for a grill in 1999. they have spent hundreds more on their grills over the last 15 years, but my ole Silver C is still chuggin along.