11 years ago, my family moved into our very first home in PA. One of the things that was a must, was an 18.5" Weber Kettle. Mind you, it was my first real foray into the grilling world. I made a lot of burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Also burnt a lot of them in the process. Along the way I bought a cheap Kenmore gas grill from Sears that only lasted three years. Then a former boss of mine gave me an old Char Broil. Again, it didn't last, but made my next decision quite simple.

5 years ago, I decided to come back home and picked up a 22.5" Weber Kettle, which I love to death. I recently treated it to a new Craycort CI grate. A few weeks back, the wife let me get a new Genesis E330 which has kept her out of the kitchen and me happily in the yard. Hard Bitten, I ordered a WSM 18.5". Now I am in way deep. Thank you so very much Weber.