In 1972, while I was in college, my mother decided that she wanted to purchase a Weber Grill for her barbequing pleasure. The last grill she had purchase before this was around 1957 when we moved into our first home. So off she went to in the neighborhood Polk Bros. and bought the floor model so, she wouldn’t have to do any assembly of the grill…and as she put it, they don’t BBQ in the store so it’s not like it got a lot of use!

In 1985, when I moved into my first home I inherited mom’s Weber Grill. She thought it would get a lot more use with me than sitting in her garage collecting dust…so the Weber Grill lives on.

In 1997, there was a house explosion three doors down from my home. The house was leveled and the explosion left debris all over my yard. Two things happened during this explosion; one, a beam from the exploding house flew into my yard and struck the lid of my Weber Grill leaving a huge dent in the top (see attached photo). The second thing that happened, and it truly amazed me, is the lid never came off my Weber Grill.

In 2013, our neighborhood had a block party. So I rolled out the Weber Grill, which I continued to use after the explosion, and we lit it up and grilled the hamburgers and hot hogs with my neighbors amazed at the dent and that the grill was still going after all of these years.

It is now the summer of 2014 and once again the Weber Grill is cooking the steaks like the grill was brand new. I need to tip my hat to the Weber Grill company for making an exceptionally durable product. Forty-two years and the grill is still going strong.

Thank you!

Brian F