My Genesis Silver B was in the ICU. Ignitor - gone (#2). Thermometer - toast. Had replaced the flavorisor bars and burners once. Regulator = 13 years old. Our baby served us well over 13 years of hard use all year round. Yes, it cooked steaks in the snow. But it was time to face facts. It had served us extraordinarily well. Pulled pork, steak, shrimp, asparagus, chicken, Boston scrod, pineapple, onions, marinated everything. You name it. All done and done exceedingly well.

So...what do we do? LOL...my brand new Genesis E310 was delivered 5/5/14. Washed the grates in just hot water (no soap), dried thoroughly and and did the 20 minute burn-off. The strip steaks are waiting for cooking time. We are STOKED!!!

Weber - the only grill I'll ever have. It's a no brainer.

Not necessarily relevant but my beloved Silver Genesis B lasted about 10 minutes at the curb waiting for next day pick-up. Seriously. We set a record. Could have been the cast iron, but what ever....