I purchased my E310 in NH at HD all pre-assembled and on the way home it literally blew off the truck on 95 N near Augusta. Luckily no traffic on my tail. Now that was the end of my new Weber I thought and it was very disheartening. My speed was 65 mph at the time thanks to cruise. Well I pulled over and slowed down and expected to see the grill in pieces on the road. It was tied down but with the aim of keeping it from bumping my rear window and it was surrounded by suitcases and other product and I supposed it would never move from the tight group of heavy articles surrounding it. So the ropes were from front to rear keeping it from sliding and it was positioned about 1 foot from my window my thinking was the wind wouldn't be able to get at it being that close to the cab. Well after pulling over to to a stop my main concern was to get to the bigger pieces before a car came along and I had legal issues with damage to an approaching vehicle. Wow as I went to the rear of the truck there was my Weber holding my one rachet cord. Iy had been towed for quite a distance. Now I saw this in the rear view fly up and over the tailgate. The grill was bent quite a bit on the left side table and the right side had some bend to it like it was warped. The cookbox was cracked on the right side just below the cover (2 inches perhaps ) some scuffs and scratches on other parts. The cover has dimples from the grates trying to come through them from inside. There are a few surface scratches and scuffs also that I can't do much about. However I was amazed it had survived this and more amazed when I got home and fired it up......first push of the igniter and instantly lit. I removed any damaged pieces and straightened them out as best I could and it looks okay.....I will try and replace the damaged parts over time but I still am amazed that anything could have survived this. Anyhow I used it over the past 3 days and it really is a better grill than any I have owned before and I am 68 and love grilling so many grills to compare it to. I planon sednign a letter of this incident with photos to Weber..it may make a good as for them in a sense. A more important message though is tie down your items for any condition when transporting outside a vehicle or i nside for that matter.