The red grill I purchased in 1991 at a Base Exchange in Sumter, SC when I returned from an overseas assignment. Neither I nor any of my friends had ever seen a gas fired charcoal grill before. It was lovingly dubbed the “nuclear wok” by one of my GI buddies! I fell in love with it instantly because it was so easy to use and I got to keep my charcoal flavor with no lighter fluid after taste. The grill travelled with our family on two more moves and finally “retired” with us and moved back to Roanoke, VA. My daughter was married last year and moved out to start a family of her own. They lived in an apartment for a while and when they got a house this spring I wanted to get them a grill. She ask if she could have the red one even though it was 22 years old as she has many fond memories growing up with it. I ordered the blue one from Lowe’s and have dubbed it “Big Blue”. If it holds up like the red one I don’t think I’ll need another one until 2035 when I’ll be pushing 80!
Thanks for the great grills and the great memories!
Bill & Connie Hunter