My name is John and my family and I were hit by Super Storm Sandy on Long Island. We took in about three and a half feet of water in our home. All of our outside furniture and Weber barbeque were floating around the back yard for days. Two weeks after the storm I found my Weber barbeque behind a tree upside down and full of leaves and dirt. I was certain that it was ready to be replaced. We've had it for 13 years and it was submerged in Salt Water for several days. 2 months after the storm my wife suggested that we buy a new grill because we love the barbeque all year long. I said ok. The next day I said " Just for fun " let me try the barbeque. I pulled it to the deck, cleaned it off. And she fired up. I could not believe it. Floating in SALT WATER. I was amazed. We still have it. No rust a year later and it still works great. You make a great product. Its the only barbeque we will ever by. It fed my family for the next 2 months before we got electric and gas back to our home. Thanks Weber