I would like to tell you a little story about our dear lil’ Smokey Joe and to see if you can assist. My husband’s first “grown-up” purchase when he started college was a Smokey Joe grill. There wasn’t much to do in our Upstate NY college town on a small budget, so we would take him to a special spot by the river almost every night and grill dinner. He also came along for the ride for my husband’s internships to Albany, NY and San Francisco, CA. We have since moved to Louisville, KY, have gotten married, and for my husband’s 26th birthday, I purchased him the Performer Weber. He absolutely loves it, especially the propane starter (great job, by the way!). Yet, Smokey Joe has not been forgotten; he is the star of the show at every tailgate, and we love to tailgate! He tailgates with us before every Friday volleyball game, every Sunday NFL game, random days at the park when we just want to get outside, and even tagged along to our camping trip to Myrtle Beach! Attached is a map of all the places he's been. :) Everyone knows it’s a given that he’ll be riding in our trunk, ready for the next grill-out.

It may sound a little silly, but we’re throwing Smokey Joe a 10-year birthday party in October to thank him for all the wonderful tailgates and get-togethers he’s provided us. The thing is, he’s kind of in rough shape; particularly, his legs have nearly fallen apart and his bottom damper fell off. :( We can’t bear the thought of replacing him entirely, though! Is there any way you have any spare legs and a new damper for our dear friend? It would mean the world to us and I’m sure he would appreciate looking spiffy at his birthday party in September! Call us crazy, but we love our lil’ Smokey Joe! :)