I have a Weber Q320. I would rate it as the best grill I have ever owned. It is so simple but works like a $1000.00+ grill. We have two border collies. The one in the picture Riley, white and black, can smell something miles away. Both Ellie the black one with the white on her face & Riley spend a lot of time on our front porch which is very large and where the Weber is located under its cover by the way. After grilling when we first got it, the next day they went out on the porch to chase squirrels, birds, look for deer that roam the property, just doggie daily fun. I went out there that evening and found the catch pan pulled out with teeth marks all over it and the drip pan chewed to pieces. I got the pliers out and straightened it out as best as possible & slide back in. Grilled again, pulled it out again with many, many teeth marks. Surrounding the grille with chairs and a broom like a jail. Pulled it out again. Just ordered a new one. Moral of story, put the catch pan on the cooking grates. As smart as she is, she most likely learn to lift the grill top! Next Pete's Hot Sauce might work, but she most likely will want it on her dog food (:>