My dad is the best Weber guy for many different reasons. First off, he knows that Weber is the best grill to use. He has two very, very old Weber grills, However, they still make the tastiest, most delicious food I have eaten and ever will eat. He makes all kinds of different foods on these grills. They always come out perfectly too. Some of the things he makes most are grilled chicken, steak, and baked potatoes. Please don't ask what my favorite is. I can't choose! He really deserves this trip because he is always out there grilling. He loves grilling and would love to learn more about it from your professional. I am only ten years old and even I can tell they are quality grills. I can tell because, like I said, they are very, very old and neither has even came close to rusting. They both look like they are apples on a stand with three legs. They both have a handle on the top like a stem. The only difference is that one is black and the other is red. One day I was home with my dad and he we were looking at the grills and he told me they were Weber and that those are the kind of grills I should have when I am older so that is what I will do.