To begin with, it's an honor to in the presence of such greatness! Furthermore, I'm 10,000% certain my father would feel the same way if he were selected for this competition.

From as early as I can remember, cooking over fire was the norm as I was growing up. No, I did not grow up in a cave, but Germany and Belgium while my father was in the Army. It was almost odd when my mother made something in the oven or on the stove top (love your food Mom!) because it just felt so natural to cook outside.

When we moved back to the US, my father bought a Weber Genesis which he still has to this day(~1999ish. I also vividly remember driving around town on 'big trash day' to see what grills the neighbors were throwing out. Inevitably, we would come home with a Weber kettle or two that just needed a little TLC to bring back to life (thank you for replacement parts!).

I must say I was a bit embarrassed to ride along on these ventures but my Dad taught me two things that stick with me today: 1) a used grill is an experienced grill and 2) everything tastes better over fire.

My Dad is my rock, my chief, my star, my hero, my role model and most importantly (now that I own 3 Webers myself), my competition!

Kevin - my Dad, is the one you NEED to represent all other Dads!