I would like to nominate Mark and his son, my husband, Steve .
The year Steve and I were to get married, his father, Mark had a vision to accompany our vision of getting married down the shore. His vision was to rent a house, buy the largest grill Weber makes, and grill for a week in celebration of our coming wedding. In preparation for this, he grilled every recipe from the "Global Grilling" book- a feat which took him the better part of 6 months- as a warm up. During our wedding week, he did in fact grill daily for our huge family. This began a trend within the family. Buy a Weber grill, only use real hard wood (nothing treated), and grill, grill, grill to your hearts content. My father in law and husband both have made grilling their favorite past time. From Mexico (yes we rented a condo specifically because it had a Weber), to Wisconsin, Boston, Hawaii, and beyond. They have made a delicious art of their food, cold beer in hand.
(See attached photos of Mark, Steve, Steve in Mexico, and the "phoenix"-Weber's largest grill shipped to Long Beach Island for our wedding)