The guy who crunches numbers 9 to 5 on weekdays and then transforms like Clark Kent in a phone booth into a weekend Pit Master is, of course, my awesome dad. With a knack for culinary artistry and an equally impressive palate, nothing holds this man back when he lights a burner or a grill. My dad is gifted with superhuman powers in the kitchen as no new or unusual ingredient can stifle his creativity. The closest thing he has to kryptonite is a dirty kitchen, but even so, he has a loving daughter who he can call upon in such dire circumstances. As the main source of my inspiration, my dad is my Super Man. He works hard, but makes time for his passions and never loses sight of his dreams. Often reminiscing about cooking with his brother in his college days, he aspires to someday have his own restaurant, but in the mean time he satiates his desire by barbequing competitively. My Dad deserves this opportunity to grill with Kevin Kolman just as he deserves to achieve his dream.