I don’t have a sob story or something out of the ordinary to set my dad and I above the rest, but my dad has always been there for me and I think that the opportunity to grill with Kevin would be a once in a lifetime experience for him and I to share. He has always been there, standing behind me, to support me in everything I have done in my life- he put me through college, graduate school, and helped me buy my first home. He taught me how to grill and he is always looking for new tricks and tools to use in the backyard and tailgating at Bears games. My dad challenges me to be a better person and has helped me become the person I am today. I’ve known Kevin, and I think my dad would be blown away by the knowledge, attitude, and fun-spirit Kevin can share with him. Every year, I try to do something “cool” for my dad. What better gift can I give him than a chance to spend time together doing something we both love to do. My dad deserves a special Father’s Day this year, and I know he would wholeheartedly be grateful and appreciative of this unique gift.