Hello my name is Trinity,
I am submitting my dad Christopher, what make him so special to me is he is a United States marine and just returned home from Afghanistan. Before he deployed he was teaching the basics of bbq and the fundamental safety aspects that are associated with grilling and smoking on his kettle 22’, which is his favorite grill since I got it for him 4 years ago for father’s day. I love to help him out and cook some good BBQ for dinner or the backyard party that we have and now he is teaching me the ins and out of smoking on his kettle and we sure have had some really good and bad outcomes but, the most favorable ones are with him by his side. I think my dad deserves to win because of his charismatic attitude and outlook on life, his heart of BBQ and stomach to fill it, the way he teaches me and his marine buddies how to cook and bring out their inner pit master, his love for his god, country, corps, and BBQ. If there was ever a time I really wanted to show him just how much I appreciate all the time and effort he has given me and the desire to be as good as a cook as him it, would be to send him here and blow his mind away and give him the best father’s day ever. I love my dad and I think this would render him speechless just like he renders fat off of his ribs.