My dad is seriously the best dad anyone could ask for. Last year I had to have emergency brain surgery as I had a brain tumor that they didn't find until it was almost too late. I had fallen ill the day before I was diagnosed with the tumor and my dad offered to take care of me that day when I was feeling absolutely terrible. I ended up going to the doctor that day for them to tell me I was just dehydrated but the next day I went back because I was feeling even worse than before. My dad was the first person I called as I was at the doctor with my mom and my dad was at work. He was devastated but he kept telling me it would all be ok. Once I had my surgery my dad stayed the night with me the first night in the hospital and never once had a complaint. I know he wasn't very comfortable and I knew he would have much rather been at home having a typical summer, which at our house includes grilling at least once a week. My dad stayed by my side every step of the way and the day I was released he came and picked me up and was so joyful about having me home so that way I could be the taste tester for everything he was grilling (which of course I don't mind at all). My dad has always dreamed about going to Chicago and he LOVES grilling and Weber, so I feel like this trip would be a great opportunity for him. He does so much for others without even giving it a second thought, now he deserves something spectacular in return.