My dad has been perfecting his grill skills since before he became a father, he has always had a large gas barbeque that he loves. My parents became empty nesters four years ago when my brothers and I had all left for college. The cooking and barbequing had to be adjusted to two people, just our mom and dad. He bought himself a Weber One- Touch Series charcoal grill and hasn’t looked back. He cooks everything on it, from ribs, to burgers, to corn and veggies. He loves to figure out new things to cook on the grill and is always experimenting. He recently got the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker and I’m almost positive has tried to smoke anything that you possibly could. Many of our best family moments and memories have been spent sitting outside with my dad while is barbequing and catching up on the days we’ve had. Many times I have been my dad’s sous-chef and he has taught me the tricks of barbequing that he has learned. My brothers and I can always count on our favorite meal being on the barbeque after our long drive home from school for a break. My dad is the most amazing, selfless man I have ever met. He does more for his children then any of us even realize and is our number one supporter. I cannot think of anyone that is more deserving nor would more enjoy an opportunity to barbeque with the best.