This is a picture of my dad's "grill." If this isn't reason enough for a new grill, I will continue. My Dad is the best man that I know. He hasn't battled any diseases, or survived any tragedies, he has just conquered fatherhood, to 4 children. Since I was a child, he has worked his butt off to support his family. He had every job imaginable when we were growing up. He did everything in order to give us the things he thought we deserved. He delivered newspapers, delivered pizzas, and sold flowers on the side of the road, all to put dinner on our table. Then he put himself through nursing school at night, while working full-time (overnights!) to finally get a career to support his children. (And still made it to EVERY soccer, basketball, softball game) Now that his children are grown, he is a devoted grandfather to three(and one on the way!) He still works nights, and makes every second he can for his children and grandchildren. He has given everything he has for us, and the condition of his grill is a small sample of the sacrifices he has made for us. We love him endlessly, and think he deserves the world, and a Weber!