My father has an incredible passion for food. He always jokes that in his next life he wants to be a chef. He has an unrivaled passion for cooking and food. It is always fascinating to me to see his passion shines through in his cooking.

With great humility, I recognize that until the middle of college , I didn't realize how much my father sacrificed to make my life so carefree. He allowed me to have a 22 year hockey career, an amazing undergraduate education and is currently putting my through law school, along with my mother of course (whom he has been happily married to for 30 years). Now that I understand everything he has done for, I am constantly looking for ways to pay him back. Of course, his only wish is for me to pay it forward. Nonetheless, whenever Father's Day rolls around his gift is easy: something cooking related. Whether it is a signed cookbook, to cooking tools, we have done it all. Then, this opportunity then presented itself. There is no better way that I could think of to show my father how much he truly means to me by giving him this experience. Given his foundation in cooking already and how much he is a student of the art, I know that this unique experience is something that he would not only never forget, but fully appreciate it for all it is worth.