My dad is not an expert griller. My boyfriend actually is. My father is such a fan of my boyfriends grilling that he bought a "smokey joe" for himself. If I was to win this contest I would love to send them two. They deserve it. My father has worked hard all his life to give my brother and I everything we needed/wanted. He came to America when he was 21 with no money and no education. He worked hard to be able to open his one little tire shop and a little grocery store. When I was 16 yrs old my father was diagnosed with type II diabetes. He didn't have medical insurance and his medication was very expensive. He then decided to close his two businesses and search for a better career to cover his expenses. He currently works as a semi-truck driver. His health continues to decline and all the financial stress doesn't help either. I mention my boyfriend because he reminds me soo much of my father. He works soo much just so I dont have to. So, I can be home with our kids and raise them myself. These two men have blessed me soo much and they mean everything to me. I am getting so emtional as I write this because I cant find words that can truly express how wonderful they are. Even if I dont win, I am happy to share their story.