Well this entry is actually for my husband Jason, who is the most wonderful father to our 8 month old daughter Keira. Keira's daddy deserves this so much because he is the only one supporting our family right now. At the end of 2011 we moved out to TX so we could better our lives after losing our house, as soon as we got there I found myself pregnant and unable to get a job due to a high risk pregnancy. Jason has worked so hard to support us and life just keeps throwing us curveballs. We were in a horrible hail storm while in TX that destroyed our vehicle. Then the week we brought Keira home from the hospital we had to move due to foundation problems in our rental and Jason literally had to pack up our whole house himself within 3 days. 6 months later, Jason then had to leave his job and relocate us again due to of his mother's health problems. We are now just settling back in FL near family and have found that our moving company have stolen a bunch of our belongings :( I was so thankful though, that my husband's Weber Smokey Mountain made it in one piece, he would have literally been heartbroken if it hadn't. All in all, our family has fallen on some hard times lately. Jason works over 50 hrs a week and on his down time he loves to grill and bbq. My husband is so excited about grilling and bbqing that he is the only person I know that actually takes pictures of his food. Haha. This would be a dream come true for him and for Keira and I to give to the man who does so much for us and gets so little for himself. Thank you :)