My dad would love to win because he loves to cook & learn about new and different ideas. He’s an amazing home-chef! He’s always reading magazines & watching shows like Master Chef. He’s not one of those dads who only grill on weekends or when friends come over. He does all the cooking in our house & all the holiday dinners. He also does all the grocery shopping. Every Christmas he cooks a prime rib on the grill, bacon brussel spouts & garlic mashed potatoes. We invite all our family & friends over & we have Nerf gun wars before dinner. He uses a mustard rub on the prime rib which we all love! Most of my dad’s cooking is done on his Weber grill. He loves his Weber grill! He always says he doesn't know why anyone would buy anything else. Our friends & their parents love to come to our house for meals. They beg to come over. They say his cooking is “gourmet” & tell him he should go to school to be a chef. They also say they would weigh 300 lbs. if they lived with him!. Cooking is something he’s really good at. My mom tells us we’re lucky because most families don’t get to eat the great stuff we eat every day. My dad has a lot of medical problems but no matter how he feels he cooks for us every day. I love him so much and want to do something for him.