I understand this is a ‘nominate your dad’ kind of deal, but, my dad died in 1997. He was a grill master, campfire builder, a real let’s-go-camping dad. Because of him, I have made sure my kids know their way around the woods, how to hike in the mountains and marvel along the ocean’s shore. For his last home-cooked meal, I grilled two big rainbow trout on an old Weber grill. That grill had seen 1,000 meals and better times but it came through like it was right out of the box. I was honored to be able to fix that meal… unfortunately he and the grill gave out not long after.

Now, here is my question. May I nominate my son to bring his dad? What better way to celebrate Father’s Day then to pass down grilling skills for his future family? Ian is an 18 year old young man that has a curiosity for cooking, a sponge when it comes to learning how to grill and will eat anything placed in front of him (a skill I haven’t mastered.) We recently fixed smoked bacon-wrapped chicken, sweet and spicy pork loin, and even grilled oysters on our Big Smoky Weber while camping… you guessed it…, in the Great Smoky Mountains.

I really would love to have my son and I attend where he can advance his skills, whet his appetite for learning and maybe have a future chef to fix my last meal.

P.S. I've included several of the meals I've created with my Weber