Throughout my whole life my father has been a never-ending bucket of support for his four kids. He put us all through university on his salary, making some of his dreams and ambitions take a back seat in life so that we could have more opportunities in ours. When my father puts his mind to something, he accomplishes it, and lately he has taken up grilling. I only wish to give him one smidgen of the opportunities he has given me, and I think a day with Kevin would be just that for his dream to become a Grill Master. He truly is my inspiration, and at the end of the day, he deserves this opportunity after the late nights at work, help with homework, and never miss a game mentality he has had as a dad for his kids over the past 32 years of being a father. As his daughter and a recent college graduate, I know this will be one dream come true for him and hopefully I will make up for some of the sacrifices he has made and will make for me as I continue on my own journey for my dreams!