My moral compass, the eternal optimist, and the biggest heart. This is my dad, Keith. He took me to soccer, let me be the first of his children to drive his 1967 Pontiac Firebird, video tapped all my track meets, and took me prom dress shopping. Father of 4, grandfather of 7, and married to the best mom EVER for 49 years and counting. We have been charcoal Weber users since before I was born. Each time he wore one out, he gave it to one of his kids as he wouldn't dare watch it sit on the curb. We had quite a collection. Every Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meal came off the coals; and still does. My siblings and I all cook on the kettle; we have portable Webers that we bring tailgating and camping. Not a birthday or Christmas passes without a Weber item on the gift list. We have all been raised by my dad to use our Webers year round regardless of the season. We were children not learning the ropes in the kitchen by our mother, but instead the skill of the grill by our father. He is 72 and still going strong. There are still new tricks to be learned on the grill and I would be honored to present him with this very special weekend and learn them with him. The photo I attached is the first book he got with one of his first Webers; which he entrusted to me.