My Dad and I have have been grilling since I was young. He has been a loyal weber fan for as long as I can remember . He started out with just making chicken because that's all he knew. Over the years though his knowledge in grilling has advanced immensely and is now smoking baby back ribs to almost perfection. He watches for something new to cook on weber nation 24/7, and there is always something new. Like we have learned how to make a weber grill into a pizza oven , and make fresh pizzas from scratch . Another would be about how he is a stickler for not using lighter fluid. He can't stand it , he's a charcoal die-hard! He believes the lighter fluid takes away all the flavor. I started out with only knowing how to grill the simplest pork chop, now I'm 15 and smoking a brisket. I'm proud for being able to experience this opportunity . I've always loved grilling with my dad. I always will, and someday I'll get to teach my kids the smarts of grilling . That is why I think me and my dad should get to cook with Kevin. We'd be honored.