Well for starts he sent this to me in a private message and hasn't mentioned it. I went out and bought a weber charcoal grill (small one) because my dad always grills and wanted to try and master the art (but suck compared to him). We both believe charcoal or don't grill! He makes restaurant steak seem like scum sitting in the trash on a hot humid summer day . This would be awesome experience! Pick us!! I would force him to drink beer while we grilled all day! Let us dominate this opportunity and you will have alot of fun with us. I am 23 years old, he is now over the hill and we don't get to many chances like this to do together. Would appreciate every second of this experience. I am not even going to tell him i entered a chance to win in hopes you pick real grilling lovers to take on your adventure.Thanks and again... Pick us if you want some entertainment!! P.s. that picture is my dad grilling out back in the 80s LOL still had a WEBBER!