When I was just turning a freshman in high school my parents divorced. My dad and I still had a compatible relationship but it started to fade over time. As the years went by and he met his second wife and started a second family, he was unable to attend certain events in my life. Although we’ve always kept in touch, it was not the same somehow.
As I grew older and met my life partner, I realized just how much I missed having my dad be a part of my life. I missed sharing “life events” with him, and my sisters and stepmother.
As I look back, all my happy memories involve cooking together, entertaining family and friends with food, conversations and bonfires. I’ve ALWAYS had a weber kettle grill in my life and seeing this contest just made me realize how outdoor grilling is a major part of my life. Recently, Dad and I have started sharing milestone moments in life together and yes it is over a grill. These moments included my sister’s high school and colleges graduations and the most recently my dad’s 70th birthday. My dad lost his second wife 8 years ago to cancer, and I lost my mom about 1 ½ years ago. Once again I find us spending more time healing and laughing together and yes grilling! I would love to share this weekend with my Dad learning grilling tips enjoying food , laughing and loving life.
Thank you for considering us!