I'll start by saying thank you for making this opportunity available for us to honor our father's. I know I wouldn't be who I am if not for my Dad.
I see a father's role differently now that I have twin boys of my own. I am also a stay at home parent to those boys. What a tough gig that I would want no other way.
My father and I have had a very rough road together. He was an active alcoholic for over 42 years. We hadn't even seen each other for around 10 of those years, which was when I was in high school, when I needed his guidance the most. Naturally, without any proper direction, I followed the same path. I got to the point where I became desperate enough and did what anyone else would do and I sought help. to make a long story short, I ended up becoming a substance abuse counselor and over time my father and I reunited. Shortly after my father and I met again, he tried to take his life. It didn't work. Then began his own tough road to recovery. I have been sober for over 13 years and my father over 7 years.
Both of us having walked a very rough road, we have a great appreciation for each other. Every time we see each other he can't express how grateful he has his son back. I'd dare say I also love my father more than I ever have. One of the gifts I took from him was cooking. Whenever we see each other now, BBQing is always front and center. My dad is in pretty rough shape from all his years of drinking and is not getting any younger. I believe he would be the happiest man alive to be able to share this great trip with me. I have to say the feeling would be mutual.
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and chosen or not, it is a great pleasure to write to you about my wonderful father. Thank you again.

You're in grilling, Ronni from Maine.