My father Robert is a die hard Weber fan. We grew up with our original black charcoal when younger. About 19 years ago he got his first Genesis. He LOVED it! A couple years ago he went with me to buy my first grill and we only looked at Webers since his was 17 years old and still worked great! He turned me into a die hard Weber fan as well. Once he saw what I got, he gave his Genesis away to someone and purchased a new one because he had "Grill Envy"!! He loves to buy accessories for his all the time and only gets Weber products. Just the other day I saw he got a Weber hamburger press! I think my father, who has given to some many others, would LOVE to grill with Kevin. He goes to the store where we buy ours for demo's all the time to see new things he can do. Come on guys, make this happen for my dad!