My brother and I let my father down. My dad received a callback for The Great Food Truck Race but we couldn't rearrange our lives at that point just to try and win a show. He has a passion for cooking, especially grilling, and most of all just wanted to spend time with his sons, and we couldn't make it happen for him. This would be the perfect opportunity to show him how much we care about him and how much we appreciate all he's done for our family.
He grills year round, for holidays, and just for daily dinners. Christmas wouldn't be the same without my father grilling a giant pork loin or Filet Mignon. We especially enjoy our summer Sunday dinners at my parents mostly because of my dads grilling, specifically his ribs done on the smoker for hours.
My father deserves this, he deserves to have someone finally do something for him. He works 2 jobs, 7 days a week, and only gets about 4 days off a year. Those 4 days are always spent grilling for the family. I just want to show him how much we all love and appreciate him.