Hello, I’m Hannah, a 19 year old junior in college, and my dad, Chuck, should win the Weber Father’s Day give-a-way. Why do I say that? At 50 years old, my dad is a Forestry Specialist with the State, as well as a volunteer fire fighter in our community. He works long hours, some weekends, and even some holidays. My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. My dad got custody of me, and has raised me ever since. There is not a day that goes by that there isn’t something that my dad does for me. When I was young, he was the room dad, never once complaining about taking off from work to come to my class party, field trip or PTO program; he was at every gymnastics recital. As I grew older, he was always there to see me in every volleyball, basketball and softball game, and watched me twirl as a majorette for 6 years in high school, never missing one event. Now as a college majorette, he makes the trip to every home game we perform at. Still, he never once complains. My dad is it all; he is the mother and the father. Whether it was a runny nose, stomach bug, broken wrist, strawberry from sliding in at home base, or just a little minor ache, he has never left my side, and I know that he never will. That’s why Chuck should be the Weber Father’s Day winner!