One of my least favorable memories growing up is of a bad grilling job. Like usual, I came home late from swim practice. However on this particular night, sitting on the counter was my dinner. Awaiting me was a plate with two the most greasy, flabby, unappetizing burger patties you can imagine. I was so upset and my Dad never made the same mistake again.
I’m now a college student living here in Chicago, while my family is in Baltimore, Maryland. I wish I could get to see them all more often. I have been home for breaks and visits, but my Dad’s only opportunity to see my school and Chicago since I started college was the weekend I moved into my freshman dorm. I would love to show him more of the city. Also, I’m about to make the very big transition into my first apartment. This will bring many wonderful things and new challenges. l now have to cook all of my own meals. I hope never to relive the bad burger memory, especially by my own doing. If my Dad and I won the contest, it would give us the opportunity to see each other and Kevin, the Weber team along with my Dad can help this college girl learn how to grill and cook.