Grilling wasn’t just about cooking for my dad – it was a part of our life. See growing up, dinners, family events and parties were always centered on the grill. And not just a grill – a charcoal grill. Well, multiple grills really – small one for hotdogs or a few pieces of chicken. Large one for burgers, wings, steaks and veggies. Or both when the occasion called for it. But our grill was at the heart of the family – birthdays, holidays, and graduation parties of course, but also dinner a few times a week. And dad made sure to teach his 3 boys the ways of the grill. How much charcoal to use. How to light it. How to flip, rotate, and sear each item to perfection. When to cover it, when to leave it open. See each of those things wasn’t just about cooking – it was about the experience.

When I bought my first house, dad showed up with a new 22.5” Weber for the back deck. It stood nicely next to my Smokey Joe, and now I had the small-and-large combo, just like Dad.

I've visited Chicago several times, and each time I've made a point of getting back to the Weber Grill – and each time I sent dad back pictures or called him with what I ate. Now it’s time for Dad to experience it first hand – the smells, the tastes, the experience – the Weber Love.