My dad, Mark, has got to be the most motivational, frugal, hard working, and genuinely sincere individual I know. His tenacity has gotten him to where he is, as he owns his own butcher shop in Edgewater, Chicago. Here, he does what he loves, and he supports himself and his family with every ounce of energy that he has. The relationships he has built with his customers has created a tight knit community. Here, they not only look to him for guidance in meat, poultry, and fish preparation, but they look to him as a break in their day for kindness and positivity. He is not only my role model; he's the epitome of compassion and gratitude. This is displayed through his cooking and grilling; at our house his creations are appropriately labeled: "soul food". I know he would love nothing more than to refine his skills, and work with Kevin. To get a once in a lifetime experience like this, for my dad, would absolutely be fitting for a guy like him.