My own Grill Master- Steve

I have a Dad who loves to grill
On his Weber, he is quite a fan
Here are the reasons he should go
And grill with Kevin Kolman!

Always grilling his favorite foods
Burgers, hot dogs, and vegetables as well
He states, “Oh the taste of the food
On the Weber sure is swell!”

Grilling is his hobby
Grilling is his art
Discovering new combos
Creates a happy heart

Not to mention the work that he does
Walks the dog, goes to work, and some more
Works on the yards and makes dinner,
These appreciations are hard to ignore

But surely many men work hard
That can’t be the only reason
Wait, but did I tell you…
About the food he seasons?

My dad has a passion
For the grilling ways
If he could make a living off it
It’s how he’d spend his days

To grill with the Grill Master
Would be a treat and delight
Learning tips and tricks
Would make his grilling nights

He loves his family truly
He has taught me all I could know
He is smart and talented
And for advice, to him I go

Choose this wonderful Father
And make his day
I couldn’t have a better dad
What more can I say!