My father worked his whole career so that he and my mother could lovingly put food on the table for my sister and me, and now that he is retired, I think he deserves a chance to learn from the experts, get some ideas, and have a chance to grill as a craft. He has come a long way since well-done burgers and hot dogs, but I think he would love getting to the next level of technique.

In the last few years, now that I'm feeding my own family, my father has been my go-to source for tips and hints when I'm at the grill. Sure, most of the time, I probably don't really need his help, but it's always a nice excuse for me to call. He and I having a guy's grilling, eating, and learning trip together would be a great bonding experience. I'm not sure when he and I could spend that kind of quality time together, just he and I, sharing out common love of grilling.