My father-in-law is a great guy who has nothing but his family and friends best interests in his heart. He's the first one to pick up the check, and the last to to cut into dinner. Recently, I had him over for dinner and he was impressed with the meal from my brand new Weber Performer charcoal grill. He's always been a gas guy, and is now considering a charcoal grill. When I told him that my Weber is made in the USA, he stopped looking at any other brand. He believe strongly in quality USA made products like the Weber brand.

Every year he takes the entire family and their significant others on a week long trip to a cabin in Northern Wisconsin where there are lot's of water sports, lounging and most importantly, barbecuing. I think he deserves a chance to learn some grilling techniques from the experts at Weber. Randy is a true mid westerner with the highest morals and biggest heart. He's someone you can depend on no matter what the task.

He's dedicated most of his life as a lineman and lineman superintendent to Eau Claire Energy Coop in Eau Claire Wisconsin, and he is the husband of an awesome wife Patty, and the father of three children, one of which is my wife and the other two some of my best friends.

Weber, please consider this fantastic dad and father-in-law for a chance to learn from the best!