We have the best daddy EVER! He is also an awesome husband, gadget guru, grilled sandwich & weird beer lover and a so-so runner...but he's working on that ;-)

He works hard for our family - his 9 to 5 (and then some!), fixing stuff that we break (we break a lot of stuff while he's on the road - sorry, Daddy!), helping with baseball & answering endless superhero questions.

He LOVES grilling and smoking...pretty much anything that involves meat on the grill and cold beer...and football on the TV's relocated to the back porch. BBQ claws, gauntlet-looking BBQ gloves & meat brands - he's like a kid in a candy store...a large, bald kid...Kevin could not ask for a better grill buddy or cooler guy to hang out with!

Pick our daddy and ROLL TIDE! (Even though he's a Mississippi State fan - bless his heart)