My dad turned 70 in February and he has been the greatest role model and mentor a girl could have. He has been grilling since I was able to eat table food. He would grill sun, rain or snow. One of my favorite photos of him was one I took of him grilling with an umbrella when we were growing up in ILLINOIS. He grew tired of grilling in the snow so that pic is with him in Florida. I would love for him to have this experience. Growing up with just me and my sister, we didn't eat much. I have three teenage boys that eat him out if house and home when we go visit. Dad gets intimidated cooking for a large group and has my husband Brian grill because he loves to grill any chance he can get. Winning this would show my dad some new tricks, get him downtown for an experience neither of us have had and a chance for him to come home and see me and my family. We are due for a cookout Weber style!