My father lives and breathes Weber grills. For the past couple years he has been struggling with finding a job in this economy, but the one thing that has kept him staying positive and happy has been grilling and BBQing. Since 1986, he has created his passion for grilling. Starting with his original 22.5” kettle (which he still uses to this day) he has developed the love of grilling and smoking and expanded his collection to various other Weber grills. Along with his collection, he dedicates himself to keeping track of all that he makes. Just this year he has cataloged 53 different grilling creations so as to keep a record of ideas he can share. He also spreads the love of grilling by guiding friends and family towards the quality of Weber grills and smokers and even actively saves and salvages curbside grills from the landfill by fixing them and allowing them to continue to be used by others. One of these saved Weber grills so happens to belong to myself. I am away at college and hardly get to see my family at home, but with the Weber my dad gave me I can still be connected as I grill up some of my favorite things from home. Sometimes he has to talk me through step by step on the phone, but he is always there to help me cook and grill things just right and allow us both to stay connected through our shared love of grilling.