Growing up with my parents, my dad had a lot of responsibility on his plate with things like fixing the cars, caring for the yard, leading in Boy Scouts, and working all of his regular jobs. One of the things he didn't have much time for, was grilling. Don't get me wrong, he has always had a grill, and he was the first one to show me how to grill. But he was always at the beginner level, using a low end model and receiving the usual criticism from his under- or over-cooked food from the picky family members. I always knew he wanted to get better and upgrade his equipment, but time and money played their part in hindering that goal.

Around the age of fifteen, I took responsibility for the family grilling after doing research and working in my uncle's restaurant. I know he didn't mind at all. Having moved on to start my own family, I still enjoy using his low end grill each time we visit for dinner, as well as using my Webers when he and my mom visit the grandkids. Now I know he wants his own Weber upgrade someday.

In conclusion, my dad deserves this awesome grilling opportunity with Kevin because he is one great dad, and all great dads deserve something exciting catered to them. I can't think of a more memorable way to show him a terrific Father's Day than with the grill master. Thank you!