My dad BBQ’s in the rain. It’s true. Even though California doesn’t have extreme seasons like the rest of the country, California gets rain. But that’s never stopped my dad from BBQing dinner. I have countless memories of him on our patio in the pouring rain, huddled over his Weber, with one of those camper headlamp lights, holding an umbrella in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other. He’s dedicated. And he’s dedicated to his Weber. In my lifetime, the only BBQ he’s ever used or purchased is a Weber. We started with a big round charcoal version – I think it was blue – and he loved that grill. He even burned through several grates he cooked on it so much. In fact, every one of our Thanksgiving turkeys has been cooked on a Weber. With my dad’s special brine recipe, it’s a 3-day prep process for him and the turkey. Again, he’s dedicated. I moved into my first college house this year and once I settled in, my dad made a road trip to visit me with the sole purpose of handing down his Weber grill and giving me his BBQ-101 lesson. So in addition to being a lover of fine wine and his grill, I can’t imagine how happy my dad would be to talk grilling with Kevin and the gang from Weber. He’s given me so much that I’d love to see him win this so I can give him back something he’d love.