I am writing this essay submission in order to take my “dad” in-law, Boody, to Chicago.

There are four reasons why Boody is your winner.

First off, the guy’s name is Boody and he’s the coolest. He’s a retired librarian from Tuscaloosa and we both enjoy grilling on the weekends. He’s always been a charcoal guy and I enjoy both methods of cooking. I do own a Weber if that’s a prerequisite for the contest.

Second, I don’t know anyone that would enjoy a trip to Chicago to grill more than Boody. This guy grills literally every weekend even in the rain. #brats #chops #chicken #burgers

Third, I can never repay him for the love and kindness he has shown me throughout the 13 years I’ve known him.

Finally, Boody and I have a lot to learn when it comes to grilling. We understand the basics of lighting a fire, indirect/direct heat, and a little about applying marinades/dry rubs. We completely fail at being able to identify the correct “doneness” and are both guilty of serving undercooked meat. I believe the Chicago trip would be amazing and educational for both of us.

In conclusion, please pick me and my “dad” in-law.