Hi my name is Lea. My fathers name is Patrick and he always does great things with us. I have an older brother Alex who is living in Washington,Dc prior to attending lawschool next year. My Dad is my Soccer Coach in school and the drummer for the 6th grade school band. He also helps out with the team during softball practice by pitching to the girls.He also takes us to all types of sporting events. Also my dad is a big camper ,organized several trips over the years for my older brother and his friends and now for me and my friends. He also loves to use a charcoal weber grill (no lighter fluid) and make some great meals. I make the Barbeque sauce with while he watches over me. Last year for Thanksgiving we had a turkey on the weber and it was awesome. He is always finding an excuse to use the grill in all types of weather .I would want my dad to grill with Kevin because it would help him with some additional weber secrets on the grill. My mom looks forward to the meals that are cooked on the grill and she always supports him and helps him when needed. I'm looking forward in going to Chicago with him. Hope he wins.Thankyou, Lea