I am nominating my husband in behalf of our kids, his name is K. Ryan. He should be selected because he has such a huge love of grilling and cooking for his family. He loves to get everyone together and create a wonderful meal for everyone to enjoy that brings us all together. It brings him such love you can see the joy in his face when his family is oohing and aahhing over one of his delicious dishes that he has painstakingly prepared for us with spices, sauces and lots of love on his Weber that he has had for many years. He says there is nothing that compares with a Weber and he would never own anything but a Weber and his present one has served him well for about 10 or 11 years now faithfully. We have seen many a holiday turkey smoked on his grill and many other holidays and just many weekends together spent cooking and eating many a fantastic grilled meal from his putting together a Weber cook book meal as well. He has so much passion for grilling it is hard to express. If anyone deserves this, he does, he loves grilling for his family and friends and WE LOVE EATING HIS FANTASTIC FOOD!! HE IS THE GREATEST!!