For Father’s Day, nothing would make me more proud than to present to my dad his dream of cooking with Kevin Kolman. His love of cooking has been a key part of my life, from adolescence to present day. March to September, the smell of barbeque chicken, grilled steaks, and smoked baby-backs permeates from our patio almost every weekend. Our neighbors slowly trickle over, sensing that later in the day a glorious feast will be ready. By the afternoon, a spontaneous cookout has occurred, and all of the neighbors and their families are running through the backyard. The parents drink beer and laugh together. The children play on the swing set and run through the yard. Everyone is simply enjoying life. There is bond felt that is only possible by my father’s dedication to barbeque. He is the reason that I have so many happy memories of impromptu cookouts, where neighbors become a family. I think that somebody that has brought so much joy to others deserves to have it reciprocated. Because of him, my summers are spent enjoying family and friends and barbeque, and I love him for it and wouldn’t have it any other way.