Dear Weber, I am writing to submit my husband and my father to come grill with Kevin. Reason being, my husbands father is terminally ill at the age of 64. Sadly, he can not even speak. Fortunately, my husband and my father have a wonderful relationship. My father will never replace my husbands father but spending this time with him help ease the pain and give him that fatherly guidance.
My husband is so excited about his first weber that he has invited my father over for dinner 3 times in one week since we got it. He cleans it after every meal and has rattled off warranty information and has shown me the bolts and how they won't rust when I keep him company. He even bought our son a play grill for his 3rd birthday so they can grill together. He is so passionate about grilling that he has taken over dinner duties. I can not thank you enough for that! I can not think of two better fathers in the world for this experience to go to. I know my husband and my father will absolutely cherish that experience. Please consider my non traditional submission for grilling with Kevin.