Dear Kevin,

Ever since I was a kid I would look forward to dinnertime because I knew my dad would be whipping up something new and exciting on the grill. The second he would walk in the door from work I would ask him what he plans on making for me to savor that night during dinner. We’ve had so many of his grill creations that include, but are not limited to: kabobs, deliciously flavored steaks, vegetables, potatoes, peanut butter chicken and hamburgers. However, I think there is a main reason he needs to come grill with you: his creations don’t always work. I still remember when he made green pasta and topped it with some weirdly flavored chicken. Not his best.
I am now in college and officially understand why everyone used to tell me “Enjoy your home cooked meals because you are going to miss them.” Boy were they correct. Right before I come home for a vacation from school, I call my dad and tell his which ones of his meals I would like made for each night I’m home. He never disappoints with my favorite of his grill creations and I always go back to school full and happy. I really hope you will offer my father this wonderful opportunity because I know he would take advantage of every part of it. And well, for my sake. Please tell him to never again make green pasta.

Elizabeth (the hungry daughter)